Some Unknown Facts Related To The Horses Used In Horse Racing

One of the oldest and most famous competitive events is horse racing, which is still gaining wider importance. Some people are yet now aware of specific facts related to horse racing. No doubt, people love to watch this event, but still, there are many people around the world who are not aware of these horse racing events.

Today, in this article, we will study some of the interesting facts related to horse racing. So let’s discuss these facts in more detail:

Draped in blanket

Earlier, when the winning horse was draped with a beautiful blanket designed with the help of carnations, there was a time when the winning horse was draped. There were around seven hundred carnations used to make this massive blanket. The making of this blanket requires great effort as it requires more than six hours to weave it. After weaving, it is necessary to weigh it at forty pounds.

The life of the horse

Generally, the average age of the horse is around 28 to 30 years. It is an average figure, not the exact one, there are some horses that can survive beyond this age, but those numbers are very less. They usually retire at the age of fifteen years, so for horse racing events, they use horses below the age of 15 to 18 years because only that horse can run like an athlete and help win the race.

After the age of eighteen, they get to retire and don’t run fast and win the game. Therefore, after they attain the age of 18, they are no longer used for racing purposes.

Lift heavy loads

The average weight of a horse is around 1000 pounds. Apart from this, they lift the weight of a jockey also, which is a difficult job. The horse has the …